Random is as random does: March 26, 2023

Ernie thinks I’ve become obsessed with the New York Times Spelling Bee game and he might not be wrong. The days I don’t hit genius level are sad ones. Some days I just don’t have it in me and the letters don’t come together. Today was the first day that I got ALL the words (you hit genius level you get a certain %) and it made stupidly happy.

We do Wordle sometimes but not everyday and we usually do it together. Ernie is the key to doing well with that and of course he often contributes to the Spelling Bee. Today however, I am the Queen Bee.

I tried gluten free flour tortillas today and they were damn good. Flakier than normal store bought tortillas. I was tickled.

The beauties of vegetables from Farmer Greg. We’ve been so discombobulated that we haven’t been ordering from him. This batch made me happy.

I was really blue yesterday. Sometimes I feel as though we are disappearing. Today feels better though.

I remember when the Lincoln Square Model Railroad show was one of our high holidays of the year. It’s smaller now but still going on. Instead of us trying to hoist toddler high enough to see the layouts, now Leo goes and works with a club he knows. Ernie stopped by to visit him yesterday (he’s feeling much perkier now that he’s off treatment).

We had our chili the other day and it was….fine. Missing something though. I tried adding a bit of salt and lemon juice. Better. Halfway through my bowl I thought maybe it does need more salt and sure enough, it tasted SO much better (apologies to salt avoiding friends). It still wasn’t our best. So the next day I bloomed some cayenne and cracked anise seed (I don’t know…it was in the cupboard) in some olive oil and then threw in some broccoli, eventually adding it all to the chili. Last night we had it because I punted on our dinner plans and good god you’d never believe it was the same dish. SO much better. Interesting experiments.

Off to visit some friends. Onward.

Top: clean flint bar bottles….mmm hmmmm.