Random notes from the Sandwich Life

1. I don’t think I can watch Succession anymore. All the characters are repugnant and there just isn’t enough entertainment to make up for that. I was relieved when it was over last night and then I realized how ridiculous it is that I’m watching something I’m not enjoying.

2. In other shaking my head news, I couldn’t help myself…I had to click on a link that was raving about Drew Barrymore’s air fryer—available only at Walmart, and in sage green. I’ve nothing against Drew Barrymore but why, oh, why….a branded Drew Barrymore air fryer? Of course, I’m the one that clicked on the link. Sigh. I just don’t get these things.

3. Beautiful little sweet potatoes from Farmer Greg. I think we’ll have them with some salmon tonight.

4. I told myself I wouldn’t eat too much over Thanksgiving but I think I ingested most of a pan of stuffing. I would have been fine without that, but damn it was good. Last night we cooked some kale and then tossed in leftover Brussels sprouts and some peas, stirred in the last of the gravy (which was GREAT this year), and put it over some rice. It was comforting and felt kinda light despite the gravy. Tonight, I definitely need some salmon and lots of green vegetables.

5. My baby Owen is suffering from vertigo. He’s got a consult and they gave him exercises to do but if anyone that has dealt with this has any tips, please let me know.

6. We’ve got to figure out a way to get Ernie’s pain under control. He’s just fine much of the time, but nighttime is hard. Turning over in bed gets really painful, which means he doesn’t sleep, which means nobody else sleeps either. Then on top of that, last night Hattie infiltrated the bedroom. We’ve been leaving the bedroom door open a bit so Bob can come in and get Ernie in the morning. Hattie usually stays in her corner of the media room couch but last night she took it upon herself to come and go from my side of the bed about fifty times.

7. Picked up on Wednesday…..sleep for all was much better last night. Ahhhhh. What a difference.

8. I wanted to get out of the house for a bit yesterday so Ernie took me for a drink at Huber’s. I gotta stop eating their popcorn. It doesn’t agree with me, but damn, I love it. We sat and talked for a bit, then eventually went home, had a piece of leftover ginger cheesecake for dinner and watched Dandy Warhols videos for a few hours. So much for salmon.