May 17, 2022

OK. I’ve got about 15 minutes to write. Let’s see. Yesterday’s chemo was fine but took much longer than we’d hope as Ernie needed additional IV fluids. I can’t decide whether I like being in the main room with some natural light or in a room with no windows but more privacy. Regardless, it went fine. Ernie dozed a good bit of it. I tried to get my brain to focus on something: news, book, work…anything…to no avail.

Today we only had a follow up with a urologist scheduled. Now the afternoon has filled up with another blood transfusion and injection.

The house is a disaster again. I need to find somebody to help on a regular basis. The yard needs to be mowed and I haven’t even planted my seeds. I’m trying to figure out the Barnes/Carle scan appointment issues. Last night we ordered out (yet again) and then I left the leftovers (which I’d already built into my rationalization of the expense) out overnight. I must admit I’m getting that hitting a wall kind of feeling. I’m trying to figure out the best way forward, I just need to get a bit more organized.

Overall, Ernie is feeling so-so, which given what they’ve been pouring into his body, isn’t bad. He’s not eating a LOT but he’s eating at least some and drinks a Boost when he can’t get food down. He dozes a lot and has even given in and let me get him upstairs to bed early some nights. We’re hanging in there.


He looks so cute.