ohhh, a stormy day today and as much as I try to pretend otherwise, I am a total wimp about thunderstorms. Luckily I was at work and not home with the boys…so I didn’t have to pretend to be brave. As soon as the tornado sirens went off I trotted down to the basement of the museum and stayed there till it was all clear. Incredible lightening from my office window….. Between that and a bunch of meetings I’m worn out tonight. I just sent my husband off to have a beer and pick up some food. Poor guy had a rough day with the little guy today. I swear four year olds are rougher than two year olds—-at least in this house anyway. Lots of flood warnings—-I hope my basement stays dry. Although the only time we clean it is when it floods. Talk about looking for the bright side….

ohhhh, I hear them coming. Even the magic of the Polar Express isn’t doing it tonight…..Owen just hooked me to my office chair with a bungee cord…..I guess I better go…..