My husband has pointed out that talking to Owen is sometimes like talking to a doorknob. I wanted to be offended because, hey, that’s my sweet pea, but he’s got a point. It’s not that he’s not bright, it’s just that he is totally focused on Owenworld.

Yesterday he drove his little tractor out into the street when there was a car backing out. Ernie made him get off the tractor and was explaining to him what he’d done wrong and why it was a problem. Owen just said “can I take my time-out on the front step?” Ernie said, “I haven’t given you a time-out Owen” but Owen just replied, “Yes, but when I take my three minutes, can I sit on the front steps?”. Ernie rolled his eyes and said “Owen, I have not given you a time-out yet but you better start listening to me.” Ernie finished his stern warning and we went upstairs to work on clearing out our office. Soon Owen started bellowing for us and finally clomped up the stairs and said “Is my time-out over?”. Ernie moaned and said “Owen, I never GAVE you a time-out.” Owen just stared at him and then I said, “by the way Owen, why are you all wet?” and he cheerfully explained that he’d been washing his bke. “So you were washing your bike during your time-out?” He nodded, Ernie just closed his eyes and I said, “fine, your time-out is over” and he happily trotted off…..