Woke up sick yesterday and called in even though I knew it would irritate my boss. I dragged myself in today and the combination of nausea and office politics is just delightful.

Owen has fallen madly in love with a giant, battery operated firetruck. He wants it with every little cell of his being. It’s the last thing he talks about before bed and the first thing he talks about when he gets up. It’s almost painful to watch. He just longs for it. Unfortunately it is huge and $250.00. I CAN’T buy it for him. But when he looks at me sadly and asks if we can go to Toys R Us and just ask them to change the price to a dollar, I almost weaken. He also has helpfully explained that if he had it Daddy wouldn’t need to drive him around in his carseat—-evidently he thinks he would just trundle off to preschool in his firetruck.

I must have wanted something that badly but I can’t recall. My poor sweet pea.

Leo also has his eye on a Thomas the Tank Engine bed. Mind you it’s a toddler bed and too small for him but he confided to me that he ‘has a crush on that bed’. We explained that these things were too expensive so the boys came up with a plan to make some money this summer. Leo will have a lemonade stand, Owen will have a cookie stand, Daddy will have a coffee stand and Mommy will have a wine stand. Owen told my husband that he thought some of the other mothers on the block would like the wine stand……

oh and by the way—-my husband asked Owen (after a demonstration) what made him think of peeing backwards and Owen breezily replied, “oh, it just came into my brain”.