Four days off, four days off, four days off, four days off…..I could just keep typing those words out of sheer joy. Life has been so crazy that this weekend sort of snuck up on me. I’m taking Monday off so I have….FOUR DAYS OFF!!!! I mentioned this to Leo and told him that Tuesday was the Fourth of July and he positively leapt in the air and said, “do you mean it’s FIREWORKS DAY?” When I assured him that it was he was utterly delighted. Of course last year was the first year he actually watched the fireworks instead of staying in the house with the windows shut crying. (There is a fireworks display the next block over). So we’ll see how it goes. Our friends that watched them with us last year are out of town—wish they were around but I’ll try to make it festive for the boys without them.

I have to figure out what time our little neighborhood parade is this year—they changed the time last year. Oh, and I have to get supplies so the boys can decorate their bikes. Of course which bike to take, that will be a dilemma. I assume Leo will take Rocket but Owen gets a little scared with Biko sometimes. He insists we can’t take his training wheels off even though one of them is aboutd 4 inches off the ground and the other is sticking straight out at a right angle from the wheel. The look like little wings.

Have to figure out what to eat—-something barbecued maybe—lots of long and smoky cooking. We’ve been trying to perfect ribs as they are something we never had really cooked before. We should try something new for the holiday….I’ll have to sit and go through some cookbooks tonight. I need to get Ernie a good barbecue cookbook—we have a bunch of grilling ones but not barbecue. Now, why couldn’t I have thought of that when he had his birthday and Father’s Day within weeks of each other? Oh well. Anyone have any barbecue recipe or cookbook recommendations????

Maybe I can do some gardening!! My daylilies just look lousy—I have tried and tried to make them happy in that spot and they just refuse so I think we (read: Ernie) are going to dig them all up and move them close to the front porch. That will give me a new corner of garden to go buy plants for. It just has a bit too much shade to qualify as full sun and yet it’s not shady either so it gets tricky. When I was at Mom and Dad’s the other day their daylilies looked great and they are the same ones I have—I split a large order between us so mine just have no right to look so shabby.

Tomorrow is Owen’s last day of Iddy Biddy Baseball and I have told Leo that we are both going to go and watch. Leo is not enthusiastic but I told him it’s important to Owen so we’re doing it. We’ll see how things go in the morning—I thought maybe I’d bribe them with the promise of Custard Cup afterwards. Seems like a post baseball kind of thing to do…. The only possible wrench in the plans is that Leo has announced that Saturday is Rocket’s birthday (Rocket is his beloved red bike). In fact, as it turns out, EVERY Saturday is Rocket’s birthday and of course since it’s his birthday—he gets to decide what to do. So evidenly a small red bike will be making all our Saturday plans for the forseeable future. Leo is very cunning.