The other day Owen started getting undressed for bed in the upstairs hallway and just flung his clothes down on the floor and walked away. When we pointed out that he needed to pick up his clothes he just turned his little blonde head up to us, shrugged his shoulders and said, “but that’s what mans do”. Well, not mans in our house–if anything I would be more likely to do that than my husband. I guess it shouldn’t amaze me, but just the same I am amazed at how the boys pronounce their opinion on what men and women do, despite living in a house that doesn’t really have traditional gender roles. I work outside the home, my husband is home with the guys and does most of the housework (as well as a million other things…). I am the one that gets antsy if I don’t have the television remote in my hand (a side note—-I’m so sad that the boys have stopped calling the dvd remote “the golden clicker”…..I guess they finally realized it wasn’t gold but I miss it hearing it; it sounded so magical). I guess cartoons and movies are enough to do it. They don’t really see ‘adult’ tv such as sit coms,etc…..lately “The Goodnight Show” is their favorite….hmmmm.

Oh well—-Owen did pick up his clothes and has made do with hanging clothes on the closet doorknobs because…”that’s what firefighters do”.