Got up early this morning as had to take Mom to the clinic for bloodwork. Got toothpaste in my eye as I was brushing my teeth. hurt like hell. Dad came along too so he could push her wheel chair. It actually went pretty smoothly but they both had a really hard time getting into the van. I’ll need to think about that. Their car would be easier but I’m happier with it not running….although Dad will continue to nag Ernie about fixing it. We’ll see. Their grass needs to be mowed again damnit. TOO MUCH TO DO. This is a stressful week workwise for me and I’m just wiped out in the evenings.

Found a couple of blogs of people I used to know probably twenty years ago—or more—ugh! Has my head swirling a bit with memories. It actually amazes me how connected I can feel to people that I haven’t seen in that long—didn’t even necessarily know them that well at the time but I guess just sharing those times creates an intimacy—false or not. Can’t decide whether to contact them or not.

oh hell, I’ll just cheer myself up by watching Owen dance…