I should stop sitting at my desk at lunch—probably makes miserably long days even longer. I’m sitting here frozen waiting for a phone call. I miss my boys. I wish they were here to hug me right now. They’re really, really good at hugs and kisses. I dread the day they stop. Right now they’re still highly outraged if you try to leave the house without getting hugs and kisses from both of them.

I know I should be better about getting sunscreen on them (well, getting sunscreen on Leo is akin to getting bugspray on him—-IMPOSSIBLE) but I love how tan and smooth their little backs are. They run around in just swim trunk or shorts all day and they are just unimaginably beautiful, those little backs.

Reportedly swim class went much better today—-the teacher even brought Leo a Reese’s peanut butter cup as a bribe. The power of Leo—it’s amazing. The rest of my questions from yesterday were answered too—-Dad was polite to the neurologist but still won’t admit to Alzheimer’s and is back to insisting on driving. Mom’s kidneys are the same, although the doctor did refer to them as ‘a mess’ which bothered Mom a bit. I heard about my jobs—one bad, one possibly good. Let’s see…what else? Owen still just seems pre-cold….Ernie didn’t kill himself because he didn’t trim the rest of the tree but he did weed—what a wonderful man!! I went through pharmacy hell after work (never try to fill 9 prescriptions on a day when the pharmacy is switching from Osco equipment/software to CVS with no advance notice or training. Oh well–enough rambling—better get back to work…..

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  1. Of course I remember you! How could I forget you and Ernie? Where are you living? Great blog by the way. Wonderful photos of you and your family. My “baby” (Ian) is now 17 yrs old and Mason is 12. LuAnn comes to C-U once a year and I go to California once a year–so despite the miles, we’ve managed to maintain our friendship and our kids all get along great. It was great to hear from you!