Last night I was laying down on the couch (very long day yesterday) and Leo came in to ask me something. I said “let’s go and ask Daddy about it” and started to get up and my sweet pea responded, “no, I’ll go do it—you just lay there and relax”!!!!!! WOO-HOOO!!! I’m raising my boys to be as wonderful as their Dad!!!! YAY!!!!

One thought on “I’m doing good…

  1. I don’t know how I found your blog–probably ruminating around looking for old C-U music stuff. Anyway, I used to work with Ernie at the Record Service–way back. My brother Matt was a local radio DJ in the late 70’s and he was best friends with the boys from the Vertebrats. I confess to an old crush for their bassist, Roy . It seems you like to do the same things I do–cook; garden. While my kids are older now, they certainly occupied much of my time when they were small and your stories make me chuckle with remembrances. I also appreciate your patience and love you show with your parents. I lost both of mine when they were way too young. They never got to know their grandchildren, alas! Thanks for your insightful writing. Mel Farrell