Feeling VERY sandwichy today. The doctor called and told my father he shouldn’t drive anymore. My father responded in typical fashion by firing the doctor and threatening to sue him for malpractice. My mother said he alternates by ranting and raving and then just sitting and not saying anything. How on earth can he make sense of this? My heart just breaks for him. He’s such a man of the mind and he’s a fighter to the core so how on earth can he just gracefully accept the fact that sometimes he is confused? I expect to feel pain like this about my sons but not my father. He’s not an easy man but he’s such a good man. Life hasn’t always been kind to him and I’m so frustrated that he and my mother have this challenge now. They’ve faced enough challenges.

Well, to cheer them up at lunchtime I brought the only treats I could think of…..a bottle of wine for my mother, some ice cream for my father and pictures of the boys. The boys have developed a new project. They are the watering crew for our street. They’ve managed to hitch a trailer to their tractor and they haul buckets of water around and use a watering can and a spray bottles to water plants up and down our block. They are quite serious about it. Owen drives the tractor and Leo follows behind on his bike, Rocket. We went over to see a neighbor’s new puppy last night and she mentioned, with a smile on her face, that her doorbell had rung at 7:15 that morning. “PLEASE don’t tell me it was my children” I begged, but of course I knew….. They were asking permission to water her plants. We did have a chat this morning about time of day and when you should ring doorbells…..

I’m glad my sweet peas are part of my sandwich.