Today will be a nervewracking day.

Will Leo’s new swim goggles make a difference in swim class today? Will he spend the whole class in the corner of the pool? Will the mean teacher make him float on his back when he doesn’t want to. Will he cry? Will my heart break thinking about him again?

Will Mom survive the anxiety of going to the neurologist with Dad? Will Dad get angry with her if she tells the doctor he’s more confused? Will he ever admit he has Alzheimer’s?

Will the doctor tell Mom her kidneys are okay for the timebeing?

Will Leo agree to sit in the back seat of the van when they pick up Mom and Dad from the doctor’s? Will Dad be able to push Mom’s wheelchair up the ramp in the north clinic or will they take the walkway to the southclinic?

Will I hear anything about any of these jobs?

Will Ernie finish cutting branches off the huge tree in front of our house without killing himself?

Will Owen get over his scratchy throat without getting a fullblown cold?

I forgot to wear earrings today. I hate that.