Well, I met with someone at a family resource center yesterday to try to figure out whether there were some programs that might help my folks. I came away with a few things but overall it was rather depressing. O.K., I’ll spend forty bucks and get my father an alzheimer’s id bracelet—-but oh yeah, I have to get him to wear it. She also said that if the medication didn’t seem to be making much difference then he should go back to the neurologist. O.K. oh, but that’s right—he fired the neurologist and threatened to sue him. argh. My mother is not coping well either. She’s totally stressed out and not sleeping. She even told me today that she wasn’t handling things well. sigh I’m trying to convince her to have this homecare program come out and do an assessment to see if they would qualify for free or reduced fee help around the house. She’s going to THINK about it. argh

I just dropped by to bring them a prescription. Dad was talking about driving. He wants to get gas for the car. There is no gas in it because he let the car run until it ran out so nobody could take it away from him. Then he said, jokingly I believe, that he needed to drive so he run over Bush. Now that sounds more like Dad….