Owen: da-da-da-DAAA-da-da-da-daaa (singing song for toy motorcycle for approximately 25 minutes)

Mom: “Owen, why don’t you go outside and play in your pool?”

Owen: “what pool?” continued singing

Mom and Dad (loudlY): “YOURRRR POOL”

Owen: (angrily) “I’m NOT a POOL”


The guys had dinner at a friend’s house just up the alley from us last night. They were SO excited and as they trundled off on their bikes with shiny faces and slightly dirty shirts (I said they could if they washed their hands and faces and put on shirts) they just seemed so grown up. I mean they have social lives now! Ernie and I don’t have social lives anymore but the boys do. HA! I guess its the natural progression of things but it felt so odd to have them gone. So what if Leo has to kiss his bike Rocket good bye everyday before he gets in the van—-they are getting SO grown up……

O.K.—-here a clip which proves there’s really no reason to buy them toys: