ahhhhh, Monday again. Amazing how quickly it comes around. Good weekend overall though. Saturday Ernie took me on the Garden Walk which was great fun. It was a lovely day and the best thing about it is that as great as everyone’s gardens were I wasn’t jealous of any of them—-I like mine! As always it does really bring home the power of mulch. Well, that and hardscape. I can’t afford some of the hardscape but mulch I can do so we did come home obsessed with mulch. Our front bed just needs a few hours of weeding and a ton of mulch and it would be up there with any we saw this weekend. I could never be in the garden walk however as my garden never looks great this time of year—I’m a sucker for late summer flowers and annuals—-zinnias and morning glories and nasturtiums. Although my nasturtiums are doing great. Here’s a picture….I LOVE drops of water on nasturtium leaves!!!!100_0636

Well, Debbie wanted to know how I got toothpastw in my eye. It’s really quite simple. There was almost no toothpast left and I was trying to squeeze what was left onto my toothbruth and the head of my toothbrush is flexible so when I pushed down it then popped back spitting some of the last drops of toothpaste into my eye….. See? it makes perfect sense. What is worse is that the following day I was on my way to work and I happened to glance in the rearview mirror and saw something white smeared all over the top of my glasses….you guessed it….toothpaste. I guess when I set my glasses on the sink while I was washing my face they somehow got toothpaste on them. The more important issue is that all three men in my household had said “oh you look nice Mommy (or Cynthia as was appropriate) and told me good luck on the interview. HA. Guess that “you look nice” was really meaningful!!! Oh well, I assume someobdy at work would have told me….

We took Mom and Dad out to lunch yesterday at Fries and Peanuts so it was sort of an all Mom and Dad day….Church in the morning with Dad, coffee after church, grocery shopping for them and then lunch. Ernie, Dad and the boys all played a game or two of pool (although Ernie did say the word game is pushing it—it was more like four people just shooting balls around a pool table but noone but Ernie cared about that…) and I think Dad had a good time. Mom and I talked a lot which I think is good for her. It’s so hard for her to accept things. She said he’s never seemed older to her than he did yesterday and she looked at me and said, “it just so crazy, because he’s Joe” and when she said it that way I could just see him as a young man. On a brighter note—he has agreed to go back to the neurologist—-you know, the one he fired and threatened with malpractice! He said he doesn’t see the point but he will do it. I said “Dad, it’s just to make Mom and me HAPPY!! What greater point could there be????” He just kind of gave me a Leo look….I don’t know if he was amused but I kissed him anyway.

It’s only in the 70s today…..wish I had some mulch to go home to…..