Cassi just reminded me in her comment to Allen’s poem of one of my favorite anecdotes. Our babysitter (who is WONDERFUL) is 15 and her mother told me that when she was little she went through a big princess phase which was beginning to drive her mother crazy. So her mother finally said to her, “Look, you’re NOT a princess, you’ve never BEEN a princess and you’re never going to BE a princess, so get over the princess stuff”. She responded by putting her hands on her hips and saying, “you know…’d be a much better mother if you’d use your imagination”!!!!!!

Talk about putting someone in their place! HA. Maybe that’s why she’s so good with Leo and Owen. Owen admits that he loves her but Leo always complains when she comes over. The thing is—we KNOW he really likes her. One morning after she’d been over the night before, I said to Leo, “did you have a good time with Hailey?” and he cheerfully said “of course” before he realized what he was saying and quickly said, “uh, I mean NO.” Got him!!