I wanted to go to Target at lunch to run errands but when I looked out the window it was absolutely pouring. So I figured I would stay at my desk and take care of a few things. I needed to order some prescription refills online for my folks. I called my mother with a question and could tell from her voice that she was upset. It turns out my father had decided to walk to the store about half an hour ago to get some catfood. It’s not THAT far to the store but further than an 80 year old with Alzheimer’s should be walking. So I said, “well, gee, I guess I’ll go find him.” Just walking to the parking lot got me completely soaked. I was wearing a thin white shirt so it was one of those things where you look practically naked once you’re wet. “Fuck” I thought to myself. So I poured myself into the van and started backing out and the tornado sirens went off. “Fuck, Fuck” I thought to myself. I turned on the radio and was told that a tornado had been sighted. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I thought to myself. So I went up and down the streets where I thought he might be…didn’t see him so headed to the store. By this time it had stopped raining (weird weather). I finally saw him crossing the street from the store parking lot, carrying two big bags of catfood. I pulled over and called him, honked the horn, etc. ….of course he couldn’t hear me. So I get out of the van and start running up the block (considering how slow he is he moves pretty fast—-it’s that tortoise and the hare thing–he’s slow and steady). So there I am in my drenched, naked looking clothes running up the street yelling “Dad, Dad, Dad.” ” Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” I thought to myself. When I caught up he didn’t seem surprised to see me. He just said, “gee, I’m glad to see you, where’s the car?” He seemed quite cheerful—told me he had to get his car running. I got him back home and my mother seemed remarkably calm too—she said, “oh, once I talked to you I wasn’t worried….” ARGH