My bright idea this summer was to plant a vegetable garden at my parents’ house as well as gardening at my house. I figured this would be a way to 1) regain control over my parents’ overgrown and weed-ridden raised beds, 2) have something that would interest both my father and the boys (my father never took to flower gardening) and 3) give us a reason to be over there a lot, not only to weed but also to check on my folks. Well it’s not even the middle of June and I’m already overwhelmed with weeds and seeds that I haven’t even planted yet. Before we plant we have to dig out the old overgrown weedy stuff so it’s not as simple as it was in my mind. We were supposed to go over there and weed Leo’s carrots tonight but my husband and I are both so tired that we’re blowing it off. So now of course I feel guilty that we’re not going over. I decided it would just mean more weeds to pull on Sunday. Sunday has become our unofficial parent day. I take my Dad to church (I think it’s about the first time in 16 years I’ve been at mass) then do their grocery shopping, etc. and while I do that my husband and the boys do yard work. Of course I never manage to work much on the inside of their house but they don’t seem to get their house dirty like we do, thank God!!! So anyway—just more weeds for Sunday I guess.

Will I ever have time to have a fabulous garden again? Before the boys we had some great gardens. I guess I can’t blame it all on them though—I’m older and more tired too! To top it off, all my zinnia seedlings died—–I grow zinnias every year and I’ve never had this happen. More seeds to plant….

One thought on “Weeds and Seeds

  1. Hi Cynthia
    Yes I know how hard it is to start a garden bed – just do a bit at a time and it will happen! So rewarding when the veges grow. I love the photo of the boys riding along.