The greatest thing about having a second child (apart from the child itself of course) is that you realize that all the things you blamed yourself for with the first child weren’t really your fault. With Leo I tortured myself over what a failure I was getting him to eat a healthy diet. I’d just assumed that my child would eat vegetables and fruits and everything I put in front of him. HA! So when I had Owen I was thrilled to realize, as he ate everything in front of him, that Leo was just damn difficult about eating—and that it was not my fault! However the downside to that equation is that you realize that the things you were so proud of—like Leo being so good about bedtime and sleeping—-actually had nothing to do with your mothering skills…..oh well. When Owen was little he was great—-asleep by 6:30 or 7:00 even. However….that has all gone to hell and now he winds up Leo to so I just stand there in amazement as I realize that I’ve totally lost control over bedtime! Of course with the days getting longer with summer it makes it more complicated too. I guess since we’re almost out of school they can stay up a bit later——we like to watch for the bats as it gets dark….but MAN, I’ve GOT to get this under control. The last week or two we want to murder them by the time they finally settle down. Good thing they’re so damn cute and give such sweet kisses…..