101 That’s the temperature of my poor little sweet pea Owen, not the temperature outside. Actually it’s not hideous outside although I just broke down and put on the AC because it gets so hot up here on the second floor when I’m at the computer.

Yes, we were just ready to leave the house and deposit the boys at my parents’ house so we could do some child-free mildly celebratory shopping and lunching when Ernie called me downstairs to feel Owen. I’m always thinking they have fevers when they don’t so the second I touched him I knew he did. He’s been a limp little rag all day, sleeping on and off and whimpering and wanting to be held. Oh well, we don’t really have plans for this week and it feels good to be lazy.

I was going to post a video clip of Leo but I think he manages to make some kind of fart noise in every one. He’s entered the age at which anything fart related in hysterical. I never imagined living in a houseful of men….even our cat is male.