O.K…..I had a really bad day. A day bad enough that on the way home I bought cheetos (the crunchy kind). I only buy cheetos during times of extreme duress. The minute I got home Leo started insisting I sit down and help him with his lemonade stand signs which he’d been talking about for a couple of week. I did the proverbial parent thing and said, “can’t I just sit down for a minute?” and was cranky which made Leo cranky which made Ernie cranky which made me crankier and Owen sad and so forth. So of course I felt guilty and sat down and helped him with his lemonade sign. He asked me to write ‘lemonade’ and ‘quarter’ but he did the rest.


So then as I sat grumpily on the couch he proceeded to tape his signs all over the porch. He explained his whole plan to me and I cautioned him that I didn’t know if we’d get many customers—-we’re not exacty in a ‘walk by’ location. He assured me that people would come. He continued setting up on the front porch—paper cups, lemonade, bank for the money and a counter across the front of the porch—-oh and the Sponge Bob chairs that Aunt Judi gave them.

They started selling cups to the neighbors across the alley and were beside themselves with excitement. Then they developed some kind of marketing team of other kids and soon we had a yard full of people—several people from the block over whom I’d never met before….went through 4 or 5 pitchers of lemonade.


Amazing. I even missed the first half of RockStar: Super Nova and almost didn’t mind. There’s some kind of lemonade/lemons cliche in all this but I won’t go there. I just know our sweet peas keep us sane.