I have no idea why my mind starting making a list of some of the best shows I’ve seen. I was driving to work and began making up this list in my head. These are not necessariy my favorite artists—although they are in some cases—-just some of the most memorable shows I’ve seen. Oh—I know why I started thinking about this—-because I was listening to the Motor City Rockers and thinking about what an amazing show they put on when I saw them in a half empty club in Rogers Park.

Five of my favorite shows—no particular order

Motor City Rockers–the above mentioned show at Biddy Mulligans in Chicago, probably 1991. A post Romantics band for drummer (and lead singer in this band) Jimmy Marinos. Not a great club, not much of a crowd and a fantastic show. Ernie finally tracked the CD down for me for my birthday not that long ago

Billy Joe Shaver–we’ve seen him many times but the truly transcendent time (I know, I know…but it really was) was in Chicago before Tramp On Your Street came out. It was at the Main Street Pub–now known as the Double Door–in Wicker Park. Let’s just say it was when Wicker Park was still ‘transitioning’ as a fair percentage of people sitting at the bar were missing limbs…..I kid you not. I remember drinking cheap wine and saying repeatedly “I’ve never had this good a time, I’ve never had this good a time”. It was amazing. He was kind and sweet and played our request of Amtrak (Ain’t Going Back) which I’ve never heard him do again. Utterly amazing show.

Mavericks–They played many great shows but I have to choose their third night at the Marriott in Chicago—–Raul had gotten married that day and we celebrated with champagne after the show.

Robyn Hitchcock at Ann Arbor’s Blind Pig c. 1986 or so. I love Robyn Hitchcock although I can’t say he’d be on the top of my list for favorite artists. However the day after that show I remember walking around thinking my life had changed.

The Dictators—in Chicago, after they had reformed–at Avalon I think it was at the time. Handsome Dick did some songs from his Wild Kingdom album—it was after that. Happy, happy, happy.

I’ll list more later. Feel free to say what your favorite shows have been…..

3 thoughts on “Best shows….

  1. What about Prince circa 1982 in Decatur? I do believe you and I were standing on chairs dancing! Loved that show… what a revolution.