Just LOOK at what those damned Japanese Beetles have done to my ferns:


vicious little things—-they’re going after my zinnias and my Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate too. grrrrr


Well, it’s 3 something in the afternoon. Ernie assured me that Sartre said that 3:00 in the afternoon was either too early or too late to start anything and I think I have to agree. I’m not really used to my new Sunday schedule. Used to be we’d read the paper, the boys would watch cartoons, and Ernie would make biscuits or muffins for breakfast—-then we’d start the day. Now I take Dad to 9:00 mass, then we go to coffee, then I go back to the house, get the shopping list from Mom, do the shopping, unload and put it away—by then it’s usually noon time. Today actually was a bit later and so I get home between 12 and 1 and it feels like the day is gone. Of course it’s not—I just don’t have the rhythm down yet.

We took Dad to the farmer’s market on Saturday and I think he enjoyed it. He used Mom’s walker and I think it helped—his walking is fine, but this way he can sit down and take a break whenever he wants. He’s seemed pretty sharp lately. I think I got Mom to agree to see if they qualify for reduced fee home help. I don’t think she’s thrilled about it but they need some help and I just can’t manage cleaning their house on a regular basis on top of everything else and Dad is just not managing as well as he used to.

The boys are downstairs playing loudly with a friend. Three is not a good number—-I think poor Owen gets pushed around some….poor little sweet pea. Oh well—we got a new hose and he’s excited about that….


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