of course, I should have know there was no way to escape both of them getting sick. Leo is now sick….and on top of that my free week is going by WAY too fast. Oh well, better this week than next I guess. One week from today we will be on our way to Maine for a week. (happy sigh) Hence my ordering four bathing suits online this morning so I can try them on and return the ones (hopefully only three) that I don’t like. Evidently one should never wait until the last week of July to try to buy a bathing suit. Shopping is just not my thing. We went shopping for Ernie yesterday and it still stressed me out and he looks great in everything. You can imagine what I’m like after shopping for myself…..

It’s steamy, steamy hot today and just now we got lots of threatening clouds and rumbling thunder but it seems to be passing over us. Last night we had lightening and thunder for hours—-which gave Owen a reason to stay up late and watch Project Runway with us of course….

Oh well—-better go check on my sweet pea (the sick one, not the whiny blonde one)

2 thoughts on “damn it

  1. yes you did—-that’s kind of creepy….you’re not stalking me are you?
    I took my Mom to get her hair (and my hair) cut and I sometimes try to wear something other than black or white because it makes her happy.
    When we realized that we were going to have to do all the driving for Mom and Dad we forgot all the incidental trips like hair cuts…..I’m making Ernie take Dad to get his hair cut next week and it’s stressing him out (Ernie, not Dad)!