I almost killed my youngest son right now. Perhaps I shouldn’t be home during the day—although Ernie almost joined me in the bloodbath and he’s used to being home with him. First it had to do with finishing a hot dog so he could have a milk shake. This went on for an hour or more and we finally negotiated two more bites of hot dog and then a milk shake. I screamed while I was scooping the ice cream—-just for the sheer pleasure of the release and then had Owen come in and push the button on the blender—because God forbid I push the button without him. We then presented the milk shake and Owen looked at it, whined, folded over and cried “but I wanted a BOWL of ice cream”. I asked him why the fuck he hadn’t said that when he pushed the goddamned button on the frigging blender (o.k…..I really didn’t phrase it quite like that) and he DIDN’T HAVE AN ANSWER—HE JUST CRIED AND WHINED AND SCREAMED WHICH MADE HIS SICK BROTHER WHOSE FEVER IS GOD KNOWS HOW HIGH BECAUSE HE REFUSES TO TAKE TYLENOL START CRYING BECAUSE OWEN WAS HURTING HIS EARS…. That’s when I came up here and Ernie went outside. Well, first I comforted Leo somewhat. Owen eventually started drinking his frigging milkshake and gee, I sure hope he enjoys it. I can hear him giggling at his cartoon downstairs now. grrrrrrrrr.