O.K…..there were a couple of obvious (for me) ones that I left out. 

Vertebrats—-many nights at Mabels and elsewhere—can’t pick a favorite

Elvis Brothers—-some of those nights at Chico’s I would have to say

Eddie and the Hot Rods at Mabels—1980

Ulltravox at Mabels—-1980

999 at Mabels in the early 80s although I mostly just remember ‘Homicide’

Bow Wow Wow ohhhhhh….FUN show.  I wasn’t even the biggest fan but wonderfuly fun show.  Anabella had just gotten a mohawk and it was the talk of the club….

Ben Vaughn at Cubby Bear in late 80’s maybe—he was great.  My friend and I went to talk to him after the show to tell him we loved it and he didn’t make us feel like girls that were trying to flirt with him—he just said thanks and chatted with us like we were intelligent music fans.  It was refreshing, particularly as we were really cute then….

Dead Reckoning—-hard to pick a particular show.  Maybe the night they played at Periscope–particularly as I cooked dinner for them that night which was fun.  Also some great shows at Fitzgerald’s.

Long Ryders at Harpo’s in Detroit.  Man….I LOVED Harpo’s.  Tons of biker bouncers everywhere who would just  escort guys out if they bothered you.  All you had to do was look annoyed and ‘poof’ they were gone.  Loved that place.  Served wine in milk cartons too.  Loved that place.

Jason and the Scorchers at Mabels.  I’ve loved Jason everywhere  I’ve seen him but I still vividly remember him walking into the record store I was working at and saying to my friend Eileen something like , "hi, I’m Jason from Jason and the Nashville Scorchers and we have a record we’d like you to sell".  Cute, cute, cute (on top of great music of course).  Then we saw him at Mabel’s that night.  Those were explosive shows. I remember our friend Bernie Proeschel (sp?) coming up to us as we were standing in the bar line (Vertebrats reference only I will find amusing) and saying "it’s just like Johny Thunders and the Heartbreakers up there".  Then I saw him (Jason, not Bernie) at the Double Door in about 94 or 05 and he hadn’t seemed to age.  Saw him a few years later at the HighDive and he was as sweet as ever and talked about kids with my husband.  I got to chat with his mother which was quite the treat.  Lovely people.

Oh….I was only going to do five…..I went over…..