1. The other day Leo called Owen Amusement Park Boy because he said Owen has an amusement park in his head. How smart is that? Owen DOES have an amusement park in his head.

2. Yesterday afternoon it was incredibly hot and humid yet Owen insisted on putting a jacket on before he went outside. We tried to convince him he would be too hot but he just looked at us seriously and said, “but I want to look cool” and then proceeded to explain to us that when he rides his bike the bottom of the jacket flies out behind him and that looks cool.

3. After Owen explained that Ernie said to me, “you have to blog that” and then Owen stopped in his tracks turned around and said firmly, “don’t blog that”.

4. Today is my LAST DAY here at work. No words can express….

5. Here is a picture of Leo working on some construction design. I guess he needs his own office.


6. In six hours I have to sit through a ‘farewell’ toast from my loving colleagues. I’ve begged my friend here to just hit me over the head with a champagne bottle if it is as strained as the one for another departing colleague was last week.

7. However, in nine hours I will be celebrating with a party of people that like me.

8. In two days I turn 44. Shocking.