1. Just spent the morning cleaning at my parents’ house. If one blonde child had behaved I would have gotten more done but hey….he’s four…. I guess it’s his job to balance out his cuteness with being obnoxious. Ernie took my Dad to get a haircut and to the bank. Poor Ernie—they had to wait an hour for Dad to get his hair cut so Dad talked to him nonstop for an hour—presumably about WWII or possibly about how the English are terrible and brought dandelions to this country—his newest rant. Then Dad tried to engage the woman cutting his hair in a discussion about the war and our current president. She told him she kind of liked Bush…Ernie tried to just hide behind a magazine through the whole thing. Given that it was in a setting with lots of scissors it’s a miracle no blood was shed and Dad’s hair looks fine.

2. Every so often when Dad and I first sit down in Church—-when all is very quiet and people are kneeling, praying or sitting quietly—-Dad will all of a sudden start talking loudly. The first time it was “SO WHY DON’T YOU TAKE COMMUNION?” I said “let’s talk about this later” and he said “SO WHY NO COMMUNION” and I said “LET’S TALK ABOUT IT LATER”. Yesterday was somewhat similar. We sat down and all of a sudden echoing through the silent church was Dad saying “WELL THE QUEER THAT WAS THE CAPTAIN DECIDED TO SEND OUR SHIP TO CHINA”. I said “let’s be quite while people are praying Dad” and he said “WHAT?” and I said “LET’S BE QUIET RIGHT NOW”. Luckily he agreed.

3. I got my four bathing suits in the mail and I really am an idiot. They’re all too big. I tend to think that I am the largest woman on earth. God knows I’m not small but there probably are larger people out there…given all these bathing suits being too big. The smallest one will be o.k. I think. Leo said it looked good and smiled at me and Owen fell over in shock and said it looked beautiful. I’m so lucky they’re still small and either think that or lie.

4. I can’t believe we’re leaving in just a few days—lots to do. I remember when traveling was easy…you just threw some things in a suitcase and went. No more…. I better go work on some of our lists of TO DO, TO BUY and TO BRING…..

One thought on “Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. please…can I just sit a few rows behind you at church….just to watch and listen….and when you hear laughter you will know that I am there!