I used to have a crush on Pete Seeger. Then I read a biography and found myself less enchanted. I’m not sure why. I remember reading that his wife had to cover the financial columns on his tax returns before he would sign them and it made me roll my eyes. Of course, some twenty years later, I’m a lot more tolerant. Then again, I’m a lot more tolerant of many things these days.

That being said, I’m in LOVE with Springsteen’s new Seeger sessions album. I’ve never been the biggest Springsteen fan—not anti-Bruce, just never particularly pro-Bruce. I softened a couple of years ago after some tribute album made me listen to the songs more carefully. I think I just got turned off by the Bruce iconograpy. Anyway–I LOVE this album—-it reinstates my crush on Pete Seeger.

I used to have this video taped off of PBS of some Weavers reunion special. I thought Ronnie Gilbert was SO cool and I remember Lee Hays was ill and wanted his ashes in his compost pile, which as a gardener, I found inspiring. I think I’ve lost that tape. I should try to track it down.

In other news—-the lemonade stand remains strong and popular. Leo continues to get other kids to work for him. We had a bit of an issue when somebody requested change—he said NO CHANGE. He was giving free refills though so we worked it out. He has now made a “the lemonade stand is open for business” and a “we are closed” sign so there will be no confusion. This child is definitely going to support me in my old age.

Also—Owen offically took the training wheels off his bike today.

I feel SO MUCH MORE RELAXED now that I get to give notice on Monday….

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