ugh. It’s supposed to be in the upper 90s today with even higher heat indices and so what happened??? Of course-our air conditioning stopped working. Someone is supposed to be out this afternoon but it has rather thrown off our day. Ernie and I have been competing to see who can run the errands as the van is air conditioned. He won the last round but deserved it as he had mowed part of Mom and Dad’s yard this morning in this sticky heat.

I spent part of the morning trundling around fillling prescriptions, shopping, etc. I was listening to one of Owen’s favorite songs in the van while I was zipping around. It’s by the Motor City Rockers and basically is early 90s hair metal I guess. It’s called ‘Rotton Candy’ and is about some sweet little hair metal boy meeting a woman and finding out she’s a hooker. One day Owen was listening to it and said, “is this song about cotton candy” and we said, “YES, THAT’S IT OWEN—-it’s about COTTON CANDY”. Some of the lyrics still make sense……love at first bite, last all night, so sweet, so fine….etc. It is now officially known in our household as the Cotton Candy song. I suppose we need to think about what they are listening to….

Just heard the a/c guy is on his way—–woo-hooooo!