I haven’t had a second to post lately.  sigh.  Last night we had three things we were supposed to do:  the groundbreaking of the new Cancer Center, preschool parent meeting and elementary school picnic.  We figured we could do two of them and as we heard about the elementary school picnic last it lost out.  We had received an invitation to the groundbreaking for the new Cancer Center and I was totally surprised that Ernie wanted to go.  It’s about the most un-Ernie kind of thing I can think of in some ways.  He really wanted to though and I didn’t question it—god knows we’ve spent enough time in the current Cancer Center.  I had a very long and busy day at work and about five seconds to relax when I got home.  The babysitter arrived and we trundled off. 

Huge tent and a big crowd—-we missed the first of the talks but were there when our favorite oncologist spoke.  I found myself surprisingly moved by the whole thing.  Cancer changed our lives in many ways though and I am grateful for the care he received so I suppose I should have expected the emotion.

Anyway—they don’t serve wine at cancer receptions and the line for the food was very serious and long so we had a couple of iced teas, congratulated our doctor on his new toys, as he put it, and left.  So…..we had an hour until our preschool meeting.  Mind you, this is our fourth year at this preschool and we really know the drill so we BLEW IT OFF.  I told Ernie just to tell them you were at the Cancer Center thing and once they here the word ‘cancer’ they’ll say ‘ohhhh, no problem’.  Cancer’s got to be good for something….it makes a hell of an excuse……