Had my first day at my new job and am utterly exhausted….particularlly as I couldn’t sleep last night being anxious. I’m an idiot as always. I think it will be good there—-God knows it will be wonderful compared to the last place….

I have more Maine anecdotes to post but I have to wait until I’m more coherent.

My friend Gail made the most wonderful comment about Leo the other day. We were sitting next to each other on her front steps and she mused, “Leo would make a great prisoner of war.” When I looked at her questioningly, she explained, “they’d never get more than name, rank and serial number from him.” Few people have adequately explained Leo’s stubborness and understood him so well….

Leo is obsessed with raising money to buy the giant firetruck for Owen. He has now started sort of a general store. First it was in our media room, now it is on our stairway. He collects things from throughout the house and sells them back to us. I had to pay 43 cents for some flowers I bought at the store. He’s very clear in stating that he does NOT love Owen…..but he’s raising money to buy a huge firetruck for him. I love my sweet peas.

I’m off to bed…can’t keep my eyes open….