When I was first pregnant I just assumed I would have a girl. I come from a family of girls, all my close friends that had children had girls and hell….I’m a girl! When they told me it was going to be a boy I just stared at them in shock. “A BOY?” I said. It seemed too bizarre to me that we create something that is unlike our own bodies. The idea that a tiny little penis was floating around in my belly just seemed nuts! I mean I know women give birth to boys, but doesn’t it seem more natural to create something like you? Of course I adore my boys and have decided that I was definitely meant to have boys, but sometimes….

On the trip to Maine, as I sat in the front seat listening to the boys make fart noies and call each other names such as “penis head”, I looked at Ernie and said, “this is exactly how I thought it would be when they told me I was having a boy.” At one point I was trying to take a video of them playing at the water’s edge and I kept having to stop because Leo was yelling at the water and calling it a penis. So I found myself standing on the beach yelling “STOP CALLING THE OCEAN A PENIS.” Another one of those ‘things I thought would never come out of my mouth’ moments.

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