Oh my, the lobsters were great last night. Of course they cost a fortune but they were good sized and very meaty. We did them the traditional way my grandfather in Maine always did. First we steamed them and then stuffed the cavity with a mixture of cracker crumbs, melted butter, the tomalley and the coral (roe) from the lobsters. Tons of coral in several of them so it was VERY tasty. Then you put them under the broiler to just brown the stuffing. He served it with melted butter but we add a lot of lemon juice to the melted butter…..my only twist on tradition. Sides were traditional too—-potato chips and coleslaw (I added a few sliced Brandywines too). I brought my camera to take pictures but of course forgot to….oh well.

I always look at lobster recipes but as we don’t have it that often I always end up wanting to have it the same way we did when I was a kid visiting my grandparents. One of these days Ernie and I have to splurge and get some for a different recipe!

In Maine we always have steamers too but we didn’t try that here. My mom said she’s never had mussels so I will have to do that for them sometime soon. Ernie’s had a couple of bad run-ins with bivalves so I’m on my own for them–which means it will be fun to have someone to fix them for.

3 thoughts on “Lobsters

  1. Steamers are soft shell clams. I don’t know why they’re called soft shells as the shells are hard but maybe it’s all relative. Anyway–you steam them and eat them with a little butter. They’re ugly little things but they taste like the ocean. I wouldn’t eat lobster when I was real little but my mother says I would sit in my highchair eating clams….