1. O.K., maybe I shouldn’t let them watch Rockstar: Supernova. During the show Owen turned to me and said, “I don’t like seeing other people’s breats Mommy, just yours.” I said, “um, uh, thank you Owen.”

2. Today could be a very long day. The boys have already started packing. This means using every single zip top plastic bag we have to encase every single toy in the house and stacking said bags in the living room. They they take their suitcases—which one might consider filling with clothing—and fill those with yet more toys. During this whole process they are sweet as pie to each other, encouraging each other, saying ‘good job’ and ‘thank you’ the whole time. They are SO happy. It makes it hard to yell ‘WE’RE NOT TAKING ALL THOSE DAMNED TOYS TO MAINE”.

3. Owen woke me up this morning and said he’d had a good dream last night. He dreamed the whole family was in a band. Leo was playing drums, I was playing acoustic guitar (or, a guitar like Leo’s toy guitar, as he explained it), Ernie was also playing drums, and Owen was of course, playing a “rock and roll” guitar and singing. He seemed very pleased with the whole scenario. We are kind of a back up band to Owen anyway….

4. Owen just played the Hilly Michaels video four times in a row. What have I done? Owen definitely has a soft side for good pop….well, that and hair metal.

5. Leo may explode with excitement before we get to Maine. Luckily he just took a break from packing and writing lists of snacks to buy for the trip to go down and work on construction in front of Jeff and Gail’s house. He’s very serious about his construction, as he is about all his business ventures. He wants to bring their little folding chairs just in case they decide to set up a lemonade stand in front of our rental house. Always thinking and planning, my sweet pea is.

6. I’m not sure how I’ll manage without computer access for ten days. Can I do it? I guess a couple of trashy novels and a whole beach should take care of it. Wish us luck….

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