My new work schedule has me getting off work at noon on Fridays!!! When I came home yesterdat it was grey and rainy and I was somewhat tired after the anxiety of a new workplace. So we had a lazy afternoon and were just starting to think about cooking dinner when the phone rang….sigh. My dad had decided they urgently needed bread from the grocery store (mind you I had checked yesterday morning with them if they needed anything and was going to do shopping today). Once Dad has something in his mind however he’s a little like his eldest grandson. So two hours later (!) he was almost all the way back home with his bread when he took a bad fall on the sidewalk. Mom called to say that a neighbor had said the ambulance was coming for him—he’d cut his face badly. So we raced over there. Mom was shaken up and scared of course. We ended up leaving the boys with her and we went to the hospital. He’s fine but it was a really bad fall. Cuts on his forhead and nose—of course when we first saw him with all the blood he looked AWFUL. They did a cat scan and checked him out and sent him home. Of course it took hours but I must say everybody at the emergency room was great. The social worker even agreed with his opinion of Bush which made him quite happy. He was too shaky too walk but I assured them my mother had extra walkers (!) so they sent him home. Mom said his black eye is quite dramatic this morning. I’m going to head over there in a bit to change his bandages and do some shopping for them. Mom’s still pretty shaken up by it. I feel like I’ve been too focused on myself of late with vacation and the new job. Their yard is a mess and I need to clean their house, etc. I was supposed to take Dad to church today as we’re busy tomorrow morning but I don’t think he will be up for it. I’m going to see if he will agree to home communion on Tuesday. We’ll see.

Ernie was as wonderful as always but I think we’re both tired this morning. We were supposed to take the boys on a picnic to The Park With No Toys but I don’t know if that will happen now. Gotta buy Leo’s school supplies sometime too.