One of the things I was struck by the most as we drove to Maine this year was the incredible proliferation of purple loosestrife. It was really worrisome. I don’t remember ever seeing so much but we haven’t travelled in the summer for several years. Driving through Massachusetts you could see huge fields of it overtaking wetlands. There were some stunning sights but I really was shocked. There was a lot in Maine but in Massachusetts it seemed everywhere. Knowing that it is dangerously invasive I pull it out whenever it shows up in my yard but after seeing all this I can’t imagine how it will be controlled.

Of course when we drive to South Carolina—particularly in the fall—-I am amazed by the kudzu. I find it frightening the way it overtakes huge areas—buildings and trees and everything in its path. The thought of what is under all that always seems scary….but I do love the way it can look like sculpture or kind of an organic version of that cake frosting–fondant—that gets put on in sheets…..

The photos of the kudzu are by Jack Anthony