ohhhhhh, such a long and I must admit—semi-rotton—weekend. Today we all took off early for a local flea market/antique market which the boys have gone to in the past. Today however—we lasted all of an hour and most of that was spent bending down staring in Owen’s little face. He was just a nightmare and I truly wanted to do something evil to him. I had a post all written in my head offering a four year old for sale and then I thought perhaps that’s not something I should really post on the internet…sigh. Later in the day however a little girl pushed him off his bike and he was wounded (well, scraped) and SO PATHETIC that I had to relent. Our day picked up a bit after that, nice time with neighbors and a good tomato harvest.

Anyway—although I wanted to murder my little blonde guy—he is pretty amazing just the same. Tonight as I was helping him get ready for bed he noted that it was good we had two bathrooms in case grandpa and grandma came to live with us. I just stared at him surprised as we have been considering that as an option but I didn’t think we’d ever talked to him about that. Of course they hear every thing, the little sponges. But just the same, I looked at him and said “has anyone ever talked to you about grandma and grandpa coming to live here?” and he said “no, but what if their house exploded and nobody could fix it?” Good point. I told him he was right because you always help your family. Then as he was walking downstairs he turned and looked at me and said, “yes, and if you ever can’t help them I will help them for you. I’ll protect them……like if there were monsters or something…..” What a sweet pea. Owen really is a little helper. He’s a very empathetic little guy.

Last night he announced to me that he had an invisible brother named Joey. I just kind of stared at him surprised because in a sense I have an invisible brother named Joey. My parents first child died at birth and was named Joey.

Of course—-here’s the heartbreak (for me anyway). Owen can be so cocky and self-assured. Often if you tell him you love him he just smiles and says “I know”. However last night when I was telling him that I thought he was special—in fact I remember being in the hospital just after he was born and laying there in the bed with him next to me and thinking ‘there’s something special about Owen.’ He looked puzzled and asked me if the doctor had said that and I told him that I had said that and then he said in wonderment “ohhh, I thought Leo was the only special boy.” I mean, just stick a knife in me! I try so hard to give them both all the encouragement and words of love I possibly can but it doesn’t matter—it’s never enough I guess—-or they hear what their personality lets them hear I guess. I reassured him that he was incredibly special…..sigh. Anyway—that’s my Owen. He’s a very special guy. Don’t get me started on Leo—I can only handle one a night…..100_1088