oh my, Sundays can be a long day. I took Dad to church, then to the parish hall for coffee and it wasn’t bad. It is kind of funny—my sister mentioned this too—he insists on sitting at a table with other people but then he doesn’t talk to them at all. It can be a little odd but what the heck. So I listened to his current crop of stories and then we headed home. On the way home he started talking about what he needed at the store and I said, “oh, I’m going to go to the store for you when we get back home” and he confidently replied “oh good, I’ll go with you.” Thanks a lot Judi……if you hadn’t taken him grocery shopping last weekend I would still be doing my quick grocery store runs. However I couldn’t argue and today was the first day he took an interest in the shopping list and when we got back home he helped put everything away—which he hasn’t been doing. It does take a bit longer….and when I say a bit….I mean like THREE times as long….. The only rough spot was him figuring out how to push the shopping cart through the checkout line and writing the check but we got there. You do start to not be bothered by people staring at you as you say “NO DAD, IT’S 2006” and “JUST PUSH THE CART AHEAD OF YOU AND THERE A LITTLE PLACE TO WRITE THE CHECK—DON’T WORRY, THEY’LL GIVE YOU A PEN”. I think it made him happy so I really can’t hate my sister like I should….

Ernie mowed most of their yard (why do they have to have a HUGE yard?) and so I felt good about what we did but I must admit we were knocked out for the rest of the day. I just have to give up on Sundays as being at all productive for this household. Well…I shouldn’t say that as Ernie regained energy and did stuff but I took a nap in Leo’s bed.

We ended up having a nice evening—it was cool and the boys were working on various construction sites throughout the block, driving their tractor and trailor with all their equipment.

Leo has a quiz tomorrow—his homework was to study for his quiz. I didn’t bother him with it. He knows all the words and I must say, as much as I want him to do well in school, I have mixed feeling about homework in first grade. There are so many things that will be more of a challenge for Leo compared to academics….not that I don’t want him to do well…but I sure don’t feel like pressuring him at this point.

I sure wish we had another three day weekend….but it was a good weekend nonetheless. Oh…I haven’t even gone into the plans for Leo’s birthday party…..I’ll save that for another post……

I need to go try to get the boys to bed—bedtime has been a HUGE challenge lately. Oh well—after they’re down we’re going to grill ourselves a steak and have some corn and tomatoes……