I guess I’m finally feeling better. I had some chicken soup a few hours ago and still feel o.k. Stayed home from work today and slept away much of the day—can’t believe how much I’ve slept in the last few days. Leo and Ernie are at the school for some computer presentation. Owen stayed home to take care of me. I’m just praying that nobody else gets this as it could throw a wrench into Leo’s birthday celebration…..

I must be feeling better because I want more chicken soup and I want better chicken soup too. I just put a chicken in the oven to roast. I thought I’d roast it, then take the meat off the bones and cook the carcass in chicken broth in the crockpot overnight. I’m trying to decide what else to put in….I was thinking about some of my end of the garden tomatoes. I don’t usually use tomatoes in chicken soup but it might be worth a try. I usually use some lemon juice so maybe these would work instead. I’ve got some skinny little egg noodles I figured I’d put in when I added the meat back in. So I won’t have my better chicken soup until tomorrow night but it will be nice to come home to.

Oh well…back to the couch for now. One more Jimmy Neutron with Owen and then it’s time for the season premiere of the Gilmore Girls…..