I may be coming off my Vertebrats high but there are still bright spots. Owen found the clip of the White Stripes on the Simpsons on Salon.com (not that Owen was reading Salon….his father was) and has fallen madly in love with it. This morning before work he dragged me up to the computer and after I found it for him he just calmly looked at me and said, “you can go now Mommy.” So I went downstairs and soon the sounds of the White Stripes were echoing down the stairs and I could hear him tapping his little foot as he played it over and over. Signs of what’s to come I imagine….

My mother fell last night and was too sore for me to take her in for her bloodwork this morning. I was worried earlier but I spoke to her and she sounds better now. I feel like we’re just waiting for the axe to fall—-or some other cliche like that. One bad fall for either one of them and then we’re really going to have to make some hard decisions. Oh well—not today anyway. It’s a gorgeous September day—cool and crisp. The kind of day when the morning glories stay open all day….