I don’t think I can fully relate the horror of yesterday. There were doctor appointments for my parents, a rescheduled birthday party for Owen to attend, pre-school open house for Owen, a house that needed to be cleaned for my visiting sister and a six year old (almost seven) who decided he would not be attending school that day. He was afraid he might have a bad day and feels that having to fold your hands when going to lunch is unfair…..therefore he wasn’t going.

I’ll spare the details of the negotiating, the threats, the yelling and crying (for all involved). In the past, the threat of ‘if you don’t go to school then you must be sick and you’ll have to go to the doctor’ always worked. Not this time…every threat (er, I mean consequence) was met with “i don’t care”. What will my life be like when this child is a teen?

Kudos go to Dr. Sharma who immediately sized up the situation and talked to Leo a long time about going to school and folded hands, etc.

By evening we were worried he would be dehyrdated from all the crying. We did relent and let him out of his room and watch a movie with Owen in the evening but I held strong on no Rocket (his bike).

He got up happy as a clam at high tide this morning and cheerfully rode his bike off to school.

I don’t think I’m strong enough for this….

3 thoughts on “I’m not strong enough for this…

  1. omg–we truely MUST get together soon and talk. I can sooo relate. I have a child who didn’t eat lunch at school for 3 yrs. He didn’t eat anything AT ALL–EVER.