Beautiful day—perfect day for a Labor Day parade. The parade route is about 3/4 of a block from my parent’s house. My mother loves parades so each year she had managed to make it in her walker down to the corner. This year was a bit touch and go. She has a walker that you can sit down in if you want and it has wheels. So she took several breaks and whenever she was sitting Dad wanted to push her as though she was in a wheelchair. She kept saying no but at one point she was so tired she said yes. So there is my ancient looking father all hunched over pushing Mom in her walker as she’s facing backwards. He didn’t want me to do it and I try to respect his wishes so I walked along the side to make sure he didn’t dump her into the street. All I could think is that people are wondering why the hell we don’t get the poor woman a wheelchair and why is that woman letting that old man push that woman along…..

We made it though and the boys were BESIDE themselves with excitement—they collectd tons of candy. Dad stood every time a flag went by and he was pretty shaky but managed. I think they had a great weekend with Judi being here and then the grand finale of a parade. Leo even went and got candy from the street this year—in the past he has always just made Owen do it for both of them….

They got tons of candy and proclaimed it the best parade ever…..