My husband loves corn. Actually my husband loves a lot of yellow foods: corn, eggs, chicken, bananas. Perhaps it’s because he’s blonde, I don’t know. Anyway—just a warning—if you are ever buying corn and he is around, DO NOT PULL OFF THE HUSKS. He comes home absolutely enraged over people pulling husks back and then tossing the rejected corn back. My father got him started on this I fear. They are firm believers that you can tell if the corn is good just by feeling it and that when you pull the husks back you begin to let it dry out. Now, mind you, I do not disagree with this but I also don’t come home ranting and raving about corn husks after being in Schnuck’s. You should see his disgust at the Farmer’s Market. sigh.

When he shucks the corn it’s sort of a ceremony. You have to do it over newspaper–preferably on the floor. I must admit I love the grassy smell of the husks. Last night after shucking the corn he brought it in to show me and then took a picture of it as he thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces of corn he’d ever seen. The man is a little over the edge but I love him.

4 thoughts on “My husband and corn

  1. I love how midwestern this experience is. I have to agree with him over the people pulling on the corn and then dumping it. although, i just guess as to whether its good or not. i don’t think i have a cornometer. i do have gaydar though. : )

  2. Hey, update, today I went to the farmer’s market and saw all of this jerks pulling the husks off the corn. i wanted to tell them, “Ernie doesn’t like that.”