This is where I would like to be right now…..


However, all is not bad here. I have no news…no angry children or runaway parents so that’s a good thing. Had a great night of Rockstar Supernova last night. Leo’s very happy it was the last one. He doesn’t like it. Owen on the other hand gets excited and dances and sings songs on commercial breaks. Ah well. Ernie bet me Dilana would win—I knew there was no way they were going to pick a woman. I think they chose pretty well—-I didn’t think Lukas would win and am glad he did. No more Rockstar to look forward to. sigh

This weekend will be busy—I’m actually going to attempt to go out at night. We’ll see if I remember how. We also have to make the birthday party invitations—Leo wants to make them himself so he can draw a train on all of them. He’s VERY excited about this. Of course I just figured out that I planned his party on the same day of a work event—-gotta figure that out.