1. No more repeats of the ‘I’m not going to school’ experience. Leo merely growls a few times before he goes and also has been doing his homework without too much of a fuss.

2. Owen started preschool yesterday. He felt the need to pose with a firetruck for his first day of school picture. Why Ernie chose the garage door as a backdrop I don’t know but the man takes lots of great pictures of my boys so I shouldn’t complain.

3. Big Mercy is still stuck in the tree. Pouring rain the other day…..didn’t budge. Our neighbor Jeff who is kind of a fearless, can-do kind of guy came and looked up at it and all he could do was say ‘hmmmm, I’ll think about it.” I’m afraid this is the end of Big Mercy.

4. I worked a long day yesterday but when I came home I got to watch RockStar SuperNova and during commercial breaks Owen sang a song for me. The lyrics went something like this:

I love my Mom
She’s so beautiful you can’t believe it
Let’s go to Mom
come on, come on
Let’s go to Mom
come on, come on
and give her a HUGGGGG

5. So Rockstar Supernova…….Stephanie—you had totally swayed me on Storm and I loved her original. sigh. Of course Dilana isn’t coming off well these days—-I LOVE being manipulated by editing!!! Toby—hmph

6. There’s a preschool picnic next Wednesday night……that’s right….the same night as the Rockstar Supernova finale….Those picnics aren’t my favorite thing in the world anyway. I think this would be my fifth one—they’ve gotten better but still—-I’ll be home watching Rockstar…..