1. Leo refused to wear the shirt we gave him this morning. He said it looked “too four-year-old”. I asked him if he didn’t like striped shirts anymore and he replied, “only those that look like seven-year-olds”. Big help. So we put a shirt that was a little too small on Leo but was plain black. Owen saw it and his eyes got big and he said, “that’s a nice black shirt”. I can only imagine what Owen will be wearing when he’s a teen. He happily put the four-year-old shirt on though and they both looked fancy, as Owen says.

2. First evening I got too cool sitting outside and the first night I had to use a blanket.

3. Tonight is the Rockstar Supernova finale….who’s it going to be? I’ll assume it the blandest one, the one I like the least: Toby.

4. Still no sign of Big Mercy

5. A question for those of you that live here—-how is Jim Gould’s for lunch? My mother’s birthday is coming up and she thinks it looks so nice–I know she’d like to go there. Looking at the menu I just can’t bring myself to pay for dinner for four on top of a babysitter but I thought perhaps lunch. I just haven’t heard anything good about it (other than breakfast Lisa). We sometimes take them to Fries and Peanuts for lunch but want something a bit nicer. Radio Maria’s acoustics are terrible even though they like the food. Timpone’s isn’t accessible for my Mom. Any other suggestions or thoughts????

2 thoughts on “Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I went to lunch at Jim Goulds and left underwhelmed. Nothing in particular was wrong–it was just ok.
    I think Toby (yawn) or Lucas(cringe)will be chosen tonight. Unfortunately, I have a middle school open house and will probably miss the big finale.
    My boys went thru so many clothes phases! One of them (i won’t reveal which) had to dress like Jim Carey from Ace Ventura Pet Detective EVERY day. Imagine that one….