!.  It has been just incredible to hear from so many old friends and Vertebrats fans.  I think I’ve posted all my pictures but do send me some if you have any.  It’s been a truly reinvigorating experience for both Ernie and me.  You never know when something is going to come along that you need….

2. I think Owen has finally realized that Big Mercy isn’t coming out of the tree.  He was out in the field with his little remote control trying to fly Big Mercy out….it was very sad.  Owen in tears is SERIOUSLY pathetic. 

3.  Don’t read the following if you don’t have kids.  The other day I walked into the media room and came out with a scrunched up face.  I told Ernie "somebody had an accident" and Ernie walked in, sniffed, walked out and calmly said, "oh, it’s Leo".  I asked him how he knew as the boys were sitting next to each other and he told me he can tell by the smell.  "YOU CAN TELL THE BOY’S POOP APART BY THE SMELL??????" I screamed.  The poor man.  When he became a stay at home dad I never imagined this.  First cancer, now this……

4.  Ernie goes in tomorrow for the results of his first PSA test since he finished treatment.  I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous.  I think it will be fine but just the same….

5.  The pace of my new job is definitely picking up.  I’m very happy there though.  Lots of kindness and laughter and many bowls of good green tea however….

6.  Here’s a picture I took in my garden last night.  I’m busy making plans for next year….