I’m giving you a sneak peek at the tanker car cake. It’s hard to photograph because the frosting looks so shiny in pictures that you don’t see the details like the chocolate licorice train tracks or baby oreo wheels. I guess I should try taking a picture in the morning without the flash but I’m too impatient. I’m photographing it now because I’m a tad concerned about transporting it to the Children’s Science Museum where the party is going to be. Wish us luck….don’t want that tanker rolling anywhere. Leo has already announced that next year he wants a freight car. That should be easier for Ernie…

You’ll note that Leo hates having his picture taken—as well as wearing clothes. He was supposed to get a haircut today but his favorite hairdresser had too many people signed up and couldn’t squeeze him in so we’ll have a shaggy little seven year old.



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