Ohhhhh, I was getting sick. THAT’S why I was so exhausted on Sunday. I thought it was just all the sturm and drang from the weekend. I took a nap though and woke up feeling worse, finally succumbing to a fever and all sorts of unpleasantries through the night. I had to drag myself into work this morning for an important meeting. I got through it but it was a major effort. Luckily my boss urged me to go home early so I came home and slept and am starting to feel somewhat human again. I’ll cross my fingers the rest of the household doesn’t get it but…..

In unrelated news—-the other day Owen was busily getting himself some ice cubes for his milk and singing away. This is because Owen is constantly busy and NEVER SHUTS UP. All of a sudden I realized his song was familiar (he writes a lot of his own material so you never know). Ernie and I asked him to sing it again and out he came with Bowie’s ‘Starman’. He heard it about 4-5 weeks ago on Rockstar Supernova and out it comes at the end of September…… I was amazed. That Owen scares me….in a totally different way than Leo scares me…..

The thing that REALLY scares me however is that Leo’s birthday party is on Saturday and we have done nothing except conceptualize about making a cake in the shape of a tanker car…..

3 thoughts on “Starman and sickness

  1. Hi Cynthia
    I’m totally hooked on your blog! You might want to try Family Fun.com for train cake ideas. I’ve made many a theme cake from their ideas and had some good success.
    Good luck!